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YesHello for Founders

It all comes down to one goal, driving revenue. YesHello can help you achieve success by eliminating the guesswork from your go-to-market initiatives.

YesHello has helped hundreds of small business founders lead confidently with data-backed insights. You too can now get insights into initiative success, team productivity, and pipeline health.


Nail your strategic initiatives

Get early insights on how strategic initiatives land with your buyers and get the data you need to adapt in real-time and achieve revenue goals.

Improve team productivity

YesHello integrates with your entire tech stack to streamline sales workflows and offload manual tasks, so reps can spend more time on critical, deal-closing activities.

Close more deals with total transparency

See clearly, and in real-time, what is going on in your open pipeline. Get total visibility and insights on how to mitigate churn, close more deals, and forecast more effectively.
How YesHello Works for Small Business Founders?
Drive change with confidence
Know from day one why your initiative is succeeding or failing, and course correct in real-time to meet revenue goals.
Create a culture of coaching
Coaching only drives revenue if managers provide it consistently across their teams. Keep managers accountable to providing valuable feedback with whisper support.
Unparalleled pipeline visibility
Integrate your entire tech stack so data goes from siloed to streamlined, ensuring that all customer interactions are unified and up-to-date.

You're in good hands

3 things about our service and support

  • Top-notch security & privacy
  •   24/7 support conversation 
  • Localized retail experts


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