No Code Chatbot Automation 

Build an intelligent WhatsApp Chatbot & make it handle sales & support queries on WhatsApp.

  • First level of interaction without using a live agent. Escalate and loop in agents when necessary.

  • Simple drag and drop interface to build chatbots without tech help.

Respond to messages without delay

  • Create automation rules to segment and assign contacts
  • Choose your automation scenarios to construct an intelligent workflow.

Send targeted messages in time

  • Set drip campaigns to send onboarding and transactional messages according to preset rules

  • Maintain customer loyalty

Build chatbots to qualify leads and answer FAQ

  • Ask qualifying questions to understand the intention of customers

  • Set your own chatbot to reply to frequently asked questions

  • Integrate with third-party software to build a more advanced bot experience

Your Perfect Partner to Eliminate Manual Operation

Structured Workflow

Design logic and craft an organized workflow to handle incoming messages.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Shorten response time to provide instant support. Deliver a seamless experience.

Increase in Conversion

Establish reputation and gain repeat customers to boost conversion.

When you come onboard

Your chatbot will be able to help you on

Out of Office Message Automation

You can specify what to send during office hour and what to send for messages coming in out of office hour

Shift Hours Automation

Thinking how to pass customer enquiries according to staff's shifting hours? No problem, we got you covered! You can now auto assign based on staff's shifting hours and pass to the next available agent.

Issue Escalation Automation

Now you able to assign to the particular agent based on the issue raised by customer with some notes to brief your team about customer's requirement without letting your client to know with our whispering function.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this chatbot session about?

This 30min chatbot consultation session is for business owners who would like to build your own chatbot without spending time on testing.

What I will get from this session?

You will get consultation in terms your use case of chatbot is possible to do with our chatbot automation feature and some optimization suggestion along.

Do I need to prepare workflow for my chatbot before scheduling?

Yes, we prefer you do prepare your own workflow beforehand for better discussion. We will provide more than 15 chatbot templates for those without own workflow.

Do I have to be YesHello subscriber in order to be eligible for this?

Nope, the intention of we doing this consultation is for people like you to know more about our chatbot automation possibilities without subscribing.

Is it FREE?

We believe such consultation that cater to your use case, optimization specially for your workflow without needing you to subscribe our platform which is huge value to you. So, that's why we are charging RM50.00 per session booked.

You're in good hands

3 things about our service and support

  • Top-notch security & privacy
  •   24/7 support conversation 
  • Localized retail experts


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