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Increase 5x conversion
through calls

1 number connect on multiple devices and close more sales through calls with YesHello Calls

No more using multiple number doing sales call

All employee use 1 number to call and customer only need to deal with 1 company number when it comes to calling

When Every Team Member Use Different Number to do Sales Call

This is what happening on 90% of sales calls

Showing different phone number

Customer might be asking, "why 2 different phone numbers claiming from the same company?"

Concern about security & spamming

Customer are alert and won't pick up calls if they suspect any spamming or calling from number they are not familiar with

Low confidence and harder to close sales

Once customer lose confidence over the phone call then they will choose not to do business or deal with your company.

That's Why We Introduce You
YesHello Calls

1 Number for All Extensions for All Sales Calls

You can make calls via



Office Phone

all by using only 1 company number


Firewall to avoid malware attack.


Every info/text/conversations are safely encrypted .

Easy to use

Not only laptops, it can be used in mobile app with user friendly interface.

1. Login the app

2. Choose line extension

3. Done

Your customer will see the only 1 company phone no matter who make the calling.

You can add virtual instructions where to direct customer to the respective agent's line extension and connect with the right person.

Starting RM103/Month | 1 Year Contract | Refundable Deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YesHello calls?

This is an add on software for company can share 1 number to do sales call across team members with different line extensions.

Does it come with contract?

Yes, each subscription plan does come with 1 year contract and the deposit will be refund once the contract is matured.

Can I do transfer customer call from 1 extension to another?

Yes, you will be able to transfer call in between extensions any point of time and even whisper among team member without customer knowing.

Does it come with free trial?

It does not have any free trial available and we will collect one time fee inclusive of setup and deposit fee.

Can this connect to any number registered with WhatsApp?

Beside landline number, customer can choose to link any mobile number and it's perfectly to link with a registered WhatsApp number.

Is there any hidden fee or add on fee?

There will be RM0.10 per minute charges for calling within Malaysia. There will be additional fee if more extensions needed for your subscription plan. Please talk to our operator for more information.