Got your WA banned and need support connecting your WA number to YesHello? >> Click here

Make sure you read and go through the checklist...

Almost complete

In order to enhance your user experience with YesHello

We will run through simple eligbility check so you know how YesHello fit your business

What shall I expect?


We know how frustrate and tedious when it comes to manage customer/leads/conversation across different WA numbers and phones. We want the process of connecting your WA number smoothly as much as you do. Hence, please do make sure you do have all access

  • Valid WA Number (includes existing number connected to WA business which is fine)
  • Have access or admin role of company Facebook page
  • Existing chat have already backup
  • Your company does not selling anything includes firearms, alcohol, medical related items, wildlife/plants, real/fake currency, hazardous item etc.
  • Own and have access meta business account

Not sure whether do you have access to business account? Check here

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my WA number be banned?

Your WA number won't be banned as the way we help you connecting are official from META company.

Can I still use the WA app in my phone?

Once you choose to onboard with YesHello after the live demo, you will be required to remove number from connecting to any WA account and 100% to use our platform or app to access/reply customer messages.

Will those existing chat sync with YesHello upon connection?

It won't! Hence, we strongly encouraged you to backup all existing chats before even delete the account for connection purposes. Furthermore, WA group, voice/video call within WA app no longer can be use after connected.

How long does it take to connection?

The connection can be done within 5 min as long as you are fully prepared with the checklist provided above and access to the meta business facebook account.

Can I reconnect the number back to WA app?

You can choose to cancel and you may request with WA to revert number back to WA app usage which you are back to risk of data leakage as you did.

What kind of support YesHello will be providing?

After you've attended the live demo, you will entitle to schedule session with our expert, Deric to get your WA connection with YesHello up as smooth as possible.
  • I have confirmed I have access to meta business account.
  • I am aware my company does not affiliate/connecting/related to those listed sensitive industry.
  • I am aware that no WA group, voice call and video call within WA app no longer can be use after connecting WA to YesHello.
  • I have go through all the checklist under what shall I expect.