How to Sell More By Chat and Scale Your Remote Sales Team By Closing Sales Anywhere Anytime

10x Founder (250m in sales and growing) and CEO of YesHello, Carliff Rizaal Carleel shares how his journey of selling more by chat and go up to RM1,000,000 per year

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This Webinar Will Show You How To Grow
Your Business To $1,000,000 Per Year By Creating Your Remote Sales Team So You'll Never

  • Feeling Overwhelm
    You won't be feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to put in place to manage a remote sales team
  • Inconsistent Result
    You won't be worried that your remote sales team will not get the same results as your current in-house sales team.
  • Spend Months on Training
    You won't need to spend months on training your new sales team how to sell from zero!

When You Join Webinar, You'll Get

Proven Process to Scale
A proven process that's documented and repeatable makes hitting sales targets way easier.
Unlimited Growth
Automating simple, yet time-consuming tasks makes scaling your team way easier!
Better ROI
Get more ROI from your time and resource investments compared to other things!
Profitable Remote Sales Team
Launch your own profitable remote sales team that sells remotely and scale your business right now

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Learn In The
Remote Sales Team Scaling Webinar...

  • Done For You Remote Sales Team (RST) System
  • Visibility and Precision for Remote Sales Team
  • Modern Way of Selling by Chat to Close More Sales
  • Way to Manage Sales Team Remotely
  • Method to Motivate Sales Team to Reply Faster
  • Systemise Workflow and Spend Less on Training
  • Proven Process to Scale Your Business with RST

Here's What Founders Are Saying About
Working With Carliff Rizaal

The system alowed each of our independent sales agents and stockists to save an additional 1 hour per day of productive selling time. It helped to double my revenue in less than 2 months

Eqa Fakri

Founder & CEO - Peche Empire

Before using the system, it takes us one hour to send one message, but now it takes us four seconds

Capt Johan

MD English Matters Early Childhood Education, AirAsia Captain, TraxxFM Radio DJ, Award-winning singer, songwriter & music producer

It required minimal training. Every team member knows exactly what they have to work on and what their workload for the day looks like.

Siti Sarah Anuar

CEO and Founder of MakCik Travels

Other businesses should consider using this Virtual Sales Team (VST) system.

Radiance O

Customer Support Manager, FamilyTuTor

About Carliff Rizal Carleel

Currently CEO and Founder at YesHello. Prior to YesHello, was Co-Founder & CEO at Chatbot Malaysia. Focused on consulting and developing custom built chatbot automation solutions to brands such as Mercedes Benz, PRESTIGE Magazine, Carlsberg Malaysia, and government organizations such as The Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI), The Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPKlang), The Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC).

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Is this webinar free to join?
    Yes, everyone is welcome to join for FREE!
  • Do I eligible to join if I am going to scale and open more branches for my business?
    Yes, this is definitely perfect time to join to learn before you implement strategies in scaling your sales team
  • Is this session only suitable for C-level suites?
    We do encourage CEO, founder, sales manager and any managerial level to attend this but we do welcome anyone even though you are just normal staff.
  • Is this something for me if I yet to start my own business?
    This session preferably to anyone just started or already started own business.
  • Is this webinar will be held physically or zoom?
    This session will be conduct 100% virtual through zoom.

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