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    This M’sian Created A WhatsApp For Teams & Earned RM50k Revenue In Just 4 Months by Vulcan Post

    Joycelyn Tan Writer at Vulcan Post

    "I believe this system would benefit huge MNCs dealing with millions of clients from around the world the most, as this would enable them to keep all involved department members up to date with the status of a sale rather easily."

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    Collect leads & segmentise into list for email marketing




  • You can create powerful chatbots that serve your customers on autopilot!

  • Transfer conversations by intent

    Is there a conversation you don't want your bot to attend to? Turn off the bot for any user who activates a specific intent and notify an operator by email to continue the chat.

    Transform entities into segmentation labels

    Gather those valuable phrases as user tags and generate analytics or create custom fields for email, phone and more. Then export important data from your customers for reporting.

    Bulk messages and surveys

    Do you have something to say to your clients? Allow your team to send mass broadcasts targeting hundreds of users, or send surveys in seconds. *

    Notifications, triggers and automation

    Receive instant notifications by email or through the platform when you have users that require immediate human attention.

    Omnichannel Integration *

    Deploy your DialogFlow agent using a unique response template across multiple channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, Twitter, and more. *

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