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    FAQ About Pricing & Support

    Frequently asked questions about customer support, plans, pricing and policy

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    Frequently asked questions about the YesHello Platform

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    Frequently asked questions about the the difference between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

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  • FAQ About Pricing & Support

    What's your pricing plans? Are there any hidden fees once I register?

      Our pricing structure is as follows:


      - For the Starter Plan is RM79/mo billed annually OR RM120/mo billed month to month, access is given to 3 team members to service 300 customers.

      - Our Pro Plan is RM299/mo billed annually OR RM450/mo billed month to month for 6 team members and 1,250 customers.

      - The Business Plan is RM799/mo billed annually OR RM1200/mo billed month to month for unlimited team members and 5,000 customers.

      You can view the full details on our pricing page here: https://www.yeshello.chat/pricing


      No, there are no hidden fees, we like to make things clear and transparent right from the start to help fellow business owners and entrepreneurs get started. You can view our full pricing table below.

    1. Does YesHello provide a free trial?

        Yes! We want you to see the impact YesHello can have on your business, but for most people, that’d be hard to accomplish all on your own in the beginning. That’s why we provide a guided trial of our software to give you an idea of what YesHello can deliver. This service includes the dedicated help of our customer success team who will help you connect your first channel and walk you through the application. That’s our promise: When you invest in YesHello, we invest in you.

        How does the free trial work?

          You can trial the platform full featured for 7 days. Then after that, you can choose a plan best suits you where you will have a 30 days to fully use YesHello where you will be covered by our satisfaction money back guarantee.

          Can I cancel anytime without any charges?

          Yes, as YesHello platform is a pay-as-you-go service, you may cancel whenever you want to. You can just go to the Billing section of the Platform, and click Cancel Subscription. And, there won’t be any charges for cancellation. Upon cancellation, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed for the subsequent month.

          What's your refund policy?

            We have a 30-days satisfaction guarantee! After signing up, use the platform and if you are not satisfied for any reason, send us a refund request within 30-days of your purchase, and we will offer you your money back. No questions asked!

            I’m ready to integrate YesHello and WhatsApp into my customer support communication flow. What are the things I would need to start the integration and communicate with my customers?

            There are only three things you would need to start communicating with your customers via WhatsApp on the YesHello platform. They are:

            1. An active WhatsApp account
            2. An active YesHello account
            3. An active WhatsApp API Account
            And, you'll be ready to communicate with your customers!

            Do you provide customer support?

              Yes, We have several levels of support. You can get support from our Knowledge Base, our chat support, our premium Zoom support and our Custom on-boarding by an expert.


              You can also reach out to us at support@yeshello.chat. The team works across different time zones and is available from 10am to 5pm Malaysia time, on weekdays (Mon-Fri).

              My question is not answered, how do I connect with you?

                Please feel free to reach out to us at support@yeshello.chat or click here to chat with us on WhatsApp

              1. FAQ About YesHello platform

                What happens if I reach the contact limit of my YesHello plan?

                When you’ve reached the contact limit of your existing Yes Hello plan, you would still be able to communicate with all your existing contacts. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about losing all of your contacts and their information once the limit has been reached.


                However, whenever there are conversations from the new contacts, they won’t appear in YesHello. Once the contact limit has been reached, you could upgrade to a more advanced plan from your existing one to gain access to your new contacts, without any hassle. Check out the pricing of our plans designed to suit your business if you would like to upgrade.

                When can I send messages to the users?

                You can respond to any query of the users for free within a 24-hour time window, after which the message template will be paid.

                How does my customer become a contact on YesHello?

                Once your channels are connected to YesHello, a user, who uses any messaging apps including Messenger, WhatsApp and Webchat to send messages to you, automatically becomes a contact. They would remain as a contact in YesHello with data and chat history stored in the platform for as long as until you choose to delete the contact.

                I have a small customer support team who is managing all of the customer inquiries. How could I automate my customer support?

                The answer is a definite Yes! YesHello’s parent company, Chatbot Malaysia is currently one of the leading chatbot builders in Malaysia. Our expertise has allowed us to build chatbots for sales, customer support and marketing teams around Malaysia in websites and Facebook Messenger.


                Since 2017, we have applied our expertise for well known brands such as Prestige Magazine, Mercedes Benz, IQI Realty, Carlsberg Malaysia, and also for Malaysian government bodies such as The Ministry of International Trade & Industry of Malaysia (MITI), Majlis Perbandaran Klang, and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).


                We have now launched WhatsApp chatbot to offer an automated solution to businesses which manage their sales, marketing and customer support on WhatsApp.


                You could chat with our very own WhatsApp chatbot, Amy to know more about our WhatsApp chatbot. Click here to chat with Amy. Alternatively, you may contact us.

                Can I build chatbots myself on the YesHello platform?

                YesHello is a platform which enables you to build chatbots that could help your startups or businesses to improve the engagement of your users. The best part is, the platform allows you to deploy and manage the chatbots without any coding knowledge required. The process is very simple and you could check out our tutorial video on how to build a chatbot on your website within an hour!

                Is there a possibility that there are specific questions the WhatsApp chatbot is incapable of answering? What should I do if that situation arises?

                Yes, we expect a huge variation from the questions that will be asked by different customers, especially if your business has a custom base from a wide range of industries. Therefore, there could be some questions which would require the assistance of your customer support agent.


                However, YesHello eliminates the risks of neglecting your customer’s enquiries or miscommunication in the process of switching over to your customer support agent. As YesHello is Chatbot Malaysia’s cloud-based customer support platform, it allows your team to view all of the conversations with your customers in one single interface, including the conversations initiated by the chatbot, on your desktop or mobile. This enables your team to take over customer’s conversations from the bot seamlessly and thus ensuring smooth customer experience.

                How do I prompt a customer support agent to take over a conversation? What should I do if there are no agents who are online?

                You would be able to choose and customize the conditions of the customer support agent takeover based on your preferences and applications.


                For example, you may choose to send a notification to the agents regarding new incoming messages. If the agents are offline or busy when there are new incoming messages, you may assist the users to book an appointment with the agents to solve their problems or enquiries. The most convenient part is that all of these conversations can be managed by everyone from your team via YesHello’s cloud platform.

                Can I monitor my chatbot’s conversations with the customers or users?

                Yes, you can monitor the chatbot’s conversations with your customers in real-time. The exchange of information between your customer and your chatbot is available for viewing in the Messages section on YesHello.

                Can I integrate YesHello into my Facebook Business page?

                Yes, of course! You can integrate YesHello into Facebook together with many other widely used channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Webchat and more.

                How can YesHello improve the productivity of my customer support and sales teams?

                YesHello automates repetitive tasks such as answering FAQs, booking sales appointments and the customer support agent takeover process. This enables your team to concentrate on more important and challenging tasks.


                Moreover, YesHello allows you to interact with prospective clients and collect important information and data from them. This would enable your team to track and so that you directly contact the qualified leads, saving you a lot of time.

                I’m ready to integrate YesHello and WhatsApp into my customer support communication flow. What are the things I would need to start the integration and communicate with my customers?

                There are only three things you would need to start communicating with your customers via WhatsApp on the YesHello platform. They are:

                1. An active WhatsApp account
                2. An active YesHello account
                3. An active WhatsApp API Account
                And, you'll be ready to communicate with your customers!

                Could I assign just a single phone number for my team to communicate with all of my customers via YesHello? Could multiple agents from my team reply to different customers at the same time?

                Yes, you may assign one dedicated phone number for your YesHello account and manage all of your contacts and conversations with the account.


                And, yes! With one official number assigned to a WhatsApp Business account, multiple agents can access the account and respond to customers at the same time via YesHello.


                BUT there’s one condition to take note. You SHOULDN’T log in to WhatsApp Web when your WhatsApp account is connected to YesHello. This will cause a disruption in the connection between your WhatsApp account and YesHello account.

                Can YesHello automatically create new contact from a new lead, and pre-populate the mobile number into the contact profile?

                Yes, any new user who messages you on the WhatsApp number (integrated with YesHello) will then get added automatically as a new contact and the system will automatically populate the contact first name, last name, and their phone number.

                Can I also reply to WhatsApp messages via my mobile phone?

                  Yes, you can access the YesHello platform from your desktop, smart phone and tablet. The iOS and Android app will be launched in a few months.

                  Which kind of attachments can I send via YesHello?

                    You can send all files supported by WhatsApp. You can see the list of supported file formats here.

                  1. About WhatsApp Business API

                    What is a WhatsApp Business API?

                    WhatsApp Business API allows your business to connect with users from all around the world on WhatsApp in a secured and reliable manner. As WhatsApp Business API is now available for businesses, it allows you to integrate WhatsApp into your internal business software or platform.


                    1. Read our 'Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Business API' here: https://www.docs.yeshello.chat/ultimate-guide-to-whatsapp-business-api
                    2. Read 'How To Choose A WhatsApp Business API Partner' here: https://www.docs.yeshello.chat/how-to-choose-a-whatsapp-partner-whatsapp-business-api-pricing

                    Why do I need a WhatsApp Business API?

                    For small and medium businesses, while your team would be able to communicate with your users, manage their inquiries and create a business broadcast via WhatsApp Business, it could be challenging to keep track of all of the information you’ve received due to the high volume of messages received from multiple users.


                    If you are experiencing challenges in collecting and storing all of the necessary contacts and information on WhatsApp, integrating the WhatsApp API into your website or internal platform allows you to send unlimited messages and replies to customers to ensure effective customer support. And, the integration also allows you to build a WhatsApp chatbot.

                    Could I apply for a WhatsApp Business API account for my business?

                    WhatsApp API accounts are only available through WhatsApp partners. Currently, there are only 60 official WhatsApp API providers in the world. Some of them include Twilio, MessageBird and Zendesk. Therefore, you could only obtain a WhatsApp API account by purchasing a plan from one of these providers.

                    How does YesHello help me in obtaining a WhatsApp Business API account?

                    YesHello is partnered with an official WhatsApp API account reseller. It enables us to help you connect your business to the most widely used messaging app via the official WhatsApp API. By interacting with your customers on their preferred channel, you can establish a connection with customers effectively .

                    Could I start sending messages to my users once I have a WhatsApp Business API account?

                    As soon as after your users provide consent by:

                    1. Sending the first message to your WhatsApp Business account or
                    2. Agreeing to opt in

                    After a user sends the first message, you would have a 24-hours time frame to respond to their queries for free without restrictions. If you were to respond to the user after the 24-hours time frame, you would need template messaging to respond to the user and you would be charged an amount of fee for each template message.

                    What is a template message?

                    Template message is a predefined message approved by WhatsApp in which you can send out to your users before they send a message or after the 24-hours time frame.

                    The pricing of each template message, charged by WhatsApp, varies depending on the region you send these messages.

                    I’m ready to integrate YesHello and WhatsApp into my customer support communication flow. What are the things I would need to start the integration and communicate with my customers?

                    There are only three things you would need to start communicating with your customers via WhatsApp on the YesHello platform. They are:

                    1. An active WhatsApp account
                    2. An active YesHello account
                    3. An active WhatsApp Business API Account
                    And, you'll be ready to communicate with your customers!

                    Does the subscription of YesHello include a WhatsApp Business account?

                    No, the YesHello subscription does not include the WhatsApp Business account. If you need a WhatsApp Business account, you would need an assigned number for the account and you can sign up here.

                    Alternatively, you may install the WhatsApp Business App on your mobile phone and start using it with a sim.

                    Why is there a limit of 6,000 messages per day?

                    It is a limitation set by WhatsApp for personal WhatsApp accounts. If you would like to send unlimited messages per day, you can apply for a WhatsApp API account here.

                    Can I increase my daily messages limit?

                    You will need a WhatsApp Business API for that. You can apply for a WhatsApp Business API here.

                    Do I have to pay for additional charges for messages?

                      There are no additional charges for the messages you send to your users via YesHello.


                      If you’re using a WhatsApp Business API account, there is a cost per message. You would need to pay directly to WhatsApp or Facebook. You can view the pricing and solution here.

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