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7 Strategies to Grow Profits Education Business Automation Workshop

Leverage on the right technology tool can really help to stand out and maximise profitability for your education centre.

Date: 21st May or 23rd May 2024
Time : 2pm-4pm

This is workshop for you

"I have no time" and no space to brainstorm

Hassle maintain communication with parents & students

Clueless on how to streamline via tech/automation

We know how frustrated where you have no time to spend to brainstorm how to grow your education business and get stuck

You might be thinking...

  • have no enough manpower
  • as long as relevant messages updated to students/parents is fine
  • no automation/system have to build (I have no choice to do manual way lah)

What if I tell you those are not the main reasons your education business get stuck?

The main reasons is your education business do not leverage on technology automation so you won't have no time and get stuck.

What You'll Learn

Automation in Education Business

How automation can be a game-changer for educational businesses, enhancing both operational efficiency and educational outcomes.

Effective Communication Tools

Leveraging automation for better communication with students, parents, and staff, ensuring everyone is informed, engaged, and satisfied.

Streamlining Enrollment and Administrative Processes

Strategies for automating enrollment, scheduling, billing, and other administrative tasks to reduce overhead and improve profitability.

Practical Implementation

Step-by-step guidance on integrating automation solutions into your educational business, from selecting the right tools to measuring their impact on your operations and profits.

Who Should Attend?

  • Owners and entrepreneurs of schools
  • Tuition centre operators
  • Enrichment and education classes host
  • Any education institutions operator

We will reveal the 7 Strategies to Grow Profits for Your Education Business

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Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur and CEO of insane growth Carliff Rizal

Currently CEO and Founder at YesHello. Prior to YesHello, was Co-Founder & CEO at Chatbot Malaysia. Focused on consulting and developing custom built chatbot automation solutions to brands such as Mercedes Benz, PRESTIGE Magazine, Carlsberg Malaysia, and government organizations such as The Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI), The Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPKlang), The Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this physical event or online event?

This is a physical event where happen  at WORQ, TTDI from 2pm-4pm on 25th April and 30th April. You just need to choose one of the date.

Do I need to pay any fee to join?

You can join for FREE.

Who should attend this?

Owners and entrepreneurs of schools, tuition centers, enrichment and education classes, and any educational institutions looking to leverage automation for increased efficiency, improved learning experiences, and higher profits.

Who is the speaker?

Speaker will be CEO, Founder of YesHello, Carliff Rizaal Carleel.

What language will be conduct for the workshop?

Main language used for the session will be English.

Is there any limit of pax to join the workshop?

Due to the space limit and constraints, we are taking up to 40 pax to join the workshop.