• Current Challenges When Using WhatsApp

    For Small Businesses

    Employees Using Personal WhatsApp Number

    Creating bigger problems such as ...

    • It mixes private and business communication
    • It's a WhatsApp Policy Violation
    • Problem with data protection compliance
    • When employees leave, they take all customer data with them

    Normal WhatsApp App can only be used on one device by one user

    Creating bigger problems such as ...

    • No team collaboration
    • Can't route conversations to other team members
    • If your device is stolen, you lose all official data with it.
    • You can’t limit the roles of employees or restrict access
    • Important work-related messages often get lost in the chat

    No One Answering WhatsApp After Business Hours

    Creating bigger problems such as ...

    • Customers often can’t accept communication delays therefore decreasing customer satisfaction
    • Unsatisfied customers leave and find a business that can attend to them now!
    • Businesses lose revenue which they lost due to lack of 24*7 service

    Limited Automation & No Third-Party Integrations

    Creating bigger problems such as ...

    • Very limited in terms of automation.
    • Wasting your time constantly switching between tools
    • Lack of collaboration and productivity features
    • Disjointed Communication Hurts Productivity
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