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Work From Home Gossip

with Izzah

Written by Jensen Lo

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We’re back with another installment of Work From Home Gossip.

Hope we’ve set out a good example in keeping our engagement with our own team at the highest level despite working remotely. (Or a bad example for keeping our office gossip going via Zoom.) Nevertheless, we aim to fill the human interaction gap many are suffering from WFH through casual conversations among ourselves.

To maintain the connection we have with our team, we reached out to another one of our Customer Service Representatives, Izzah. While building connections with our customer, Izzah is currently studying at University of Malaya as well.

Let’s find out more about her unique talent in acting and her fantasy about robbing a bank “Money Heist” style. And finally, how she feels being part of us in Chatbot Malaysia.

Hey, I’m Izzah and I’m turning 21 this year. Though, I prefer to say that I’m 20. I’m currently doing my Business Administration degree at the University of Malaya. It’s quite difficult but I’m adapting to it. I started with Chatbot Malaysia just last month as my good friend, Asyikin (another one of our amazing Customer Service Representatives), recruited me. So, I figured why don’t I give it a try especially amid the MCO period.

Hey Izzah, how are you staying productive at home all this while?

To be honest, I don’t think I’m very productive myself. But, if I have to push myself to be productive, when I list down everything I need to get done and pick my top priorities, I find that helps with my productivity. Most of the time, I’m lazy. But, if I have something important, I’ll get it done and get it done quickly.


A little pressure helps me to get things done.


Tell me a fun fact about you.

Ohh, a fun fact? I could fake a cry in seconds. Yea, I could deceive others with faking a cry and they always thought they’ve hurt me in some ways. It makes people feel bad and they will start treating me nice.


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

When I was a small kid, I used to dream of being an astronaut. During my high school graduation, they’d show our ambitions on the big screen when we were walking up to the stage. And, mine was an astronaut.


But, after high school, I think it was almost impossible to achieve my dream of being an astronaut. So, I’m figuring out what I want to be now as I’m studying Business Administration.


I’m surprised that your life long ambition wasn’t to be an actress since you could cry at command. (Right... Izzah has a natural talent in acting.)

I’m using my acting chops to entertain you guys. (And, she does on a daily basis!)


How much do you enjoy doing what you're doing now?

I’m enjoying what I’m doing here a lot. First of all, Carliff is a nice person to work with. He makes me feel involved in the company right from the start. He doesn’t pressure us too much but he manages to push me to become a better person and a team member.


Second, it’s you guys. You guys are very friendly and make me feel accepted in this team. I feel like I can express myself and my opinions with you guys. We can always engage in discussions and that’s really fun. And, of course, with Asyikin as my friend and teammate, it makes my job fun.


And the third is the flexibility I’m getting from this job. Especially since we’re working from home now, I have the authority to manage my own schedule according to my needs. For example, I could finish my tasks in the evening if I’m busy with my personal tasks in the morning.


What do you do for fun?

I’m not a very fun person. I don’t do sports and I couldn’t go out now. So, my main form of entertainment is watching Netflix now.


Any series you’re following closely now?

I just finished watching Money Heist. It’s really good. I feel like I want to rob a bank now.

Me too! We should plan out a heist.


Yes, with Carliff and the team. We have Jensen to be our tech guy. He does look like the Professor.


How has working in Chatbot Malaysia allowed you to be your true self?

First of all, we welcome all sorts of ideas and creativity. Like Carliff said, if you have any ideas, please voice them out, you never know that they might actually work. Even though my ideas might be stupid at times.


For example, whenever we have our 15 minutes sessions with Carliff, he always encourages me to express my ideas and opinions.


Describe your perfect work environment.

Clean, organised and a balanced temperature, not too cold and not too hot.


Anything about the team and organisation?

I think I’m happy with what we are right now as a team. A team which allows us to be engaged, allows us to talk about serious business while still being able to have fun. And also, we have time to chat casually.


Lastly, I would like the top management to be very responsible to its employees.


Tell me about your ideal area of interest here. How different it is from your current key areas of responsibility?
I would like to explore more into creating content. But, I don’t have the courage to do it now. So, maybe in the future.


WHY are doing what you're doing?

I’m in Customer Service because I’ve had experience in that field from my previous positions.


How do you think a Customer Service Representative helps us to grow as an organisation?
As I’m still very new here, I feel like we’re always trying to improve our services with the customers. We’re trying to identify some flaws in our system and address them by coming up with more structured templates and workflows. So, we’re helping the team to move forward and helping our customers with the issues they encounter too.


My skills in writing has helped me to come up with customer friendly templates and guidelines for the team when they are speaking to the customers. We’re always trying out different ways to establish a foundation for the Customer Service team so we have a guideline for the team when it expands. Hence, that’ll surely help the organisation to grow in the future.


Tell me or show me about something that you're really proud of.

I’d say currently I’m very proud of getting into my university. I struggled a lot during high school and I had doubts about my chances of getting into a public university. Getting into a top university in Malaysia isn’t easy so I’m very proud of myself for that. And, I’ll always remember those days when I struggled to humble myself.

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