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Work From Home Gossip

with Asyikin

Written by Jensen Lo

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Work From Home has surprisingly become the workplace norm of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic as we are self-isolating at home. No one is certain, but we might be looking at an unprecedented shift of the conventional idea of an office and the norm of Work From Home might extend beyond 2020.

While some of us enjoy the ability to focus that comes from sharing a common space for our workplace and bed - or even the kitchen, the rest might suffer from the lack of physical interaction with our team. Nevertheless, self-isolating while working can be a lonely task when we don’t get to jump over to our teammate’s desk and have a chat, or when we don’t get to go to our favourite lunch spot in groups.

To alleviate the dip in interactions, we reached to our very own team members and had a quick chat about themselves via Zoom calls. This week, we talked to one of our youngest members, Asyikin, who’s both our Customer Service Representative and a student at University of Malaya at the same time. Let’s find out if she has any tips for us to stay productive at home and a fun fact about her. And finally, how she feels working with us in Chatbot Malaysia.

"I’m not easily influenced by others. With everyone getting crazy over TikTok right now, I’ve never felt like posting anything with Tik Tok, even though all my friends are asking me to do it.​"

Hi, I’m Asyikin and I’m 20 this year. I’m currently a first year student at University of Malaya and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I just started working with CM one and a half months ago.

First of all, how do you stay productive at home?

I have to limit my time spent on looking at the screen. I feel more stressed when I look at the screen all the time. That’s why I’d leave my phone away from me when I go on to do some house chores, cooking and baking at times. So, that’s how I stay productive at home.


Now, you guys know why I replied to you guys late sometimes.


Do you mind sharing some tips and tricks in balancing your time between your studies and working with us?
I need to get into the mindset of treating work seriously but not as a burden. I got into the mindset of “if someone else could do it, why couldn’t I?”. Because I really don’t think it’s the toughest job when I compare it to those who are also both working and studying at the same time. There are students who are working part time as Grab or Foodpanda riders.


Tell me a fun fact about you.

I love listening to music. And, I think I can be a good listener to others. Whenever someone would like to share the problems they’re going through, I’m happy to listen. I’m also good at keeping secrets.


And, I’m not easily influenced by others. With everyone getting crazy over TikTok right now, I’ve never felt like posting anything with Tik Tok, even though all my friends are asking me to do it.


What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I have always been thinking about being a business woman.


Any specific business which you were interested in as a child?

I wanted to have my own chocolate factory. I envisioned creating a Malaysian version of Cadbury. It changed throughout the years. From being a math teacher to accountant. I used to like math but I did quite badly in Additional Mathematics during high school. I thought about being an accountant for a while but I lost the interest in pursuing that career. So, I went back into my dream of being a business woman.


And, how did it pan out for you before ending up with Chatbot Malaysia?

I noticed that I’m not the quickest learner while working here. I still have to identify my “superpower”. So, I’m still figuring out what I should do after getting my degree but I believe that I’ll be able to eventually.


What do you do for fun?

Playing with my cat, baking and cooking. I tried baking some cookies and cakes. I got into baking after two years of not doing it. That helps me to relieve some of my stress.


How has working in Chatbot Malaysia allowed you to be your true self?

Since I joined, I have learned a lot from the team. I find myself putting in effort to find my weakness. I struggled with learning everything initially as I’m not used to the pace. But, since then, the support you guys have given me has helped me to improve. The daily shout outs always boost my spirit. It has made me happier as I used to feel like I’m the only one without experience. But, for example, Carliff’s positive energy always allows me to feel more confident with my work.


Having our team helps me to progress further. To move to the next phase of my life. I’m starting to see it as more than a part-time job. I have to work with everyone and work with different departments. I have to treat it as I’m part of this company and everything I do impacts the company.


Describe your perfect work environment.

To build a great team, we have to build a great relationship between our team members together. It’ll not work if there isn’t any good relationship in the team.


Tell me about your ideal area of interest here. How different it is from your current key areas of responsibility?
I enjoy customer service but I would like to be part of the marketing strategy team. I like

proposing ideas on how to improve other's business. I am interested in Human Resources as well.

For marketing, I feel like I could generate new ideas. I would like to learn more about it. For customer service, I feel like I'm operating within a circle and I couldn’t always propose different ideas. And, I would need to establish a smoother process flow.


WHY are doing what you're doing?

I want to make our business different from the rest.

As a first point of contact, I know how important it is as it provides them a first impression on us in our first interaction with them. I need to know how to keep them interested in us. With a more established flow, I’m more comfortable with that now. And, for each enquirer who went on the book an appointment with Carliff, I think that is an achievement by itself.


Tell me or show me about something that you're really proud of.

I learned different things in CM as I’m approaching it as more than a part time job. My friends still don't know about it but I feel like I have made progress towards where I want to be in the future.

I think you should be proud of yourself for this role while still studying. That’s something you should be proud of itself.

I'm proud to have our amazing team and our leader, Carliff. My perspectives have changed. I'm starting to build my self-confidence here. I didn’t feel confident with my own words and just speaking in general. But slowly, I have gained some confidence in that.

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