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Work From Home Gossip

with Alta

Written by Jensen Lo

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Yet again, we’re back into our old gossiping ways as the Chatbot Malaysia team is still working from home amid the Controlled Movement Control Restriction (CMCO).


Despite the fact that the days of meeting our teammates physically and gossiping in the cafe instead of Zoom calls might be looming closer, we have been keeping our productivity and communication at the highest level with the help of the creative Work From Home ideas proposed by the team and effective tools for remote team management.


In our virtual daily stand up, to align the tasks and activities between each team member, we have integrated Miro into our workflow. The daily alignments have been made quick and efficient since we adapted Miro to list out our own daily tasks and identify the gaps and support needed by ourselves or other teammates.


Furthermore, we have also utilized the versatile Miro boards to run virtual workshops and brainstorming sessions with the team. And, of course, with the simultaneous integration of Zoom, it allows the workshops and sessions to be run effectively while maintaining the human interaction at a healthy level for a small team like us.


Last week, we reached out to our jack-of-all-trades, Alta. The versatility of Alta has been a valuable asset for our team as she’s our expert in Social Media Content and Graphic Design while managing our Client Success team at the same time.


Let’s find out more about her odd tendency towards reading other people’s minds and how she would like to explore on utilizing Graphic Design to help others who struggle with mental illness.

Yet again, we’re back into our old gossiping ways as the Chatbot Malaysia team is still working from home amid the Controlled Movement Control Restriction (CMCO).

Hi, my name is Alta. I’m a Content Creator and the Client Success Manager in Chatbot Malaysia. I have joined Chatbot Malaysia for over a year now. It was only a team of three when I first joined and we’re now a team of seven so it’s definitely more fun now. And, Carliff always has a positive energy which is infectious. 

Hey Alta, since we’re all working from home now, do you have any tips to stay productive at home?

I’m bad at staying productive generally because I have ADHD so I can’t really focus on one thing. But, working at home is good for me. If I were to work in a cafe or a public space, I would get distracted easily. 

Playing music out loud in my room or listening to music on my earpods help a lot. And, staying away from my phone is important. Though, I could still check my Twitter and Instagram feed on my laptop so that’s a little counterproductive. 

Well, you could track your time spent on these apps via Screen Time [for iPhone and MacBook] now. You could schedule a downtime on the apps you’re spending too much time on. Maybe that’d help.

That’s true. And, I also downloaded another app called Forest Tree. It’s a meditation app and that has helped me to concentrate. 

And, another tip is telling yourself you could focus and finish something before starting any important tasks you have to get done. So, I always tell myself, “Alta, you can do it!” repeatedly [before starting an important task]. (And, we think everyone should start telling themselves “you can do it!” too.)

Tell me a fun fact about you.

Every time I see someone, I wish I could get into their brains. It’s weird but it’s always my first thought.

So, you want to know their thoughts within?

Yea, exactly. 


Cool! You could consider being a therapist. In relation to that, what did you want to be when you were growing up?

I never knew I wanted to be when I was growing up but I was always passionate in IT, programming and the digital world. But when I was growing up, IT wasn’t that well known at home so I just answered “I want to become a teacher” or “a doctor” whenever someone asked me that question.

But, when I was entering into teenagehood, I wanted to become a politician as I was involved in many NGOs. So, I wanted to be an activist and politician. But, I gave up on that ambition.

Since then, I aspire to be a philosopher and a therapist. Also, a graphic designer as I love designing.

"Every time I see someone, I wish I could get into their brains.​"

Amazing! You have so many ambitions but that’s good. It’s not a necessity to only focus or pursue one path.

Yea, it’s hard for me to focus on one thing. However, I know that I would wanna be in the digital industry, whoever way it could be. For example, I am concerned about the topic of mental health but I think with the digital world we’re living in now, it allows me to think about how I could utilize graphic design in helping with others’ mental illness and therapy sessions. 

What do you do for fun?

Before the [COVID-19] outbreak, I travelled a lot. I love to be in a foreign place where I don’t know anyone at all. 

Now, since I couldn’t travel, I love designing. So, I made different illustrations and graphics then tagged them on my wall. That’s what I do for fun now.

And, reading a book too!

Any interesting books you’re reading daily now?

Slutever. (We won’t go into more details of the book… not without your parental guidance)

How has working in Chatbot Malaysia allowed you to be your true self?

I can explore as much as I want. And, I can plan out my own tasks and what do I wanna do daily without any pressure into doing something I don’t enjoy. 

Whenever I have an idea, I discuss it with Carliff or you guys. And, even for the times he doesn’t approve of an idea, he would always contribute to the idea to make it more workable or effective. And, I’m doing the graphics for the team now so I’m being my true self when I’m able to express my creativity in design.


On top of that, [as a Client Success Manager], I love talking and reaching out to our clients too.

"I am concerned about the topic of mental health but I think with the digital world we’re living in now, it allows me to think about how I could utilize graphic design in helping with others’ mental illness and therapy sessions."

Describe your perfect work environment.

Co-working space is my perfect work environment if I know the people who work there. 

Anything about the team and organisation.

For the team, as I used to work in NGOs, there weren’t too many team building going on there. At times, there was a lack of commitment from the team. However, [in Chatbot Malaysia], the daily alignment helps to build the chemistry of our team. For example, when we identify and list down our daily tasks [in our virtual team board], we weren’t forced to do that but we naturally do it as a team. 

Why do you think your role as both a Content Creator and a Client Success Manager role are important for us to grow as an organisation?

Why is the Content Creator role important? Because the Content Creator team builds the visibility of our company and our brand. Without any content, nobody would know what our company is all about. There isn’t a way to build trust with the community without the visibility.

And, for Client Success, we’re focusing on the clients themselves. Building a trusting relationship with the clients can be difficult. So, we try to develop the relationship by talking to them and catching up with them on a frequent basis. Building the relationships with them is necessary so we could establish the trust they have on us.

I absolutely agree that building a trusting relationship is very difficult. And, maintaining the relationship could even be tougher.

Yes, it’s easy to assume that once we have boarded some into being our client, a relationship is built. Therefore, we have to keep the relationship going and know what’s going on with our clients. 

I do ask myself if I’m being annoying or irritating at times when I text our clients daily and remind them to finish some tasks frequently. But, ultimately, I know that the frequent updates and reminders are important. 

Tell me about your ideal area of interest here. How different it is from your current roles in Content Creation and Client Success?

I would say, I would like to put more focus on creating contents. As I don’t think I’m at the level which I would wanna be at for content creation, I would like to put more effort into it and improve the content I’m making.

And, I would also like to learn more about the technical side of the Chatbots.

In your own words, what sort of impact are you making to the team?

Without me, it’s going to take a much longer time to produce the graphics for our content and our clients’ content too. 

And, the team would be boring without me because I’m always the funny one in the team. (We were trying to let our teammates to finally claim the credit they deserve and Alta did just that… without any shame.)

Tell me or show me about something that you're really proud of.

I’m proud of my tattoos (on Alta’s shoulders). They are traditional tattoos done by my friend who is of indigenous descent. And, this is one of the oldest tattoo designs in the world.

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