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WhatsApp Marketing: Reach Your Customers in a New Way

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What is the first question that comes to mind as you think of various marketing platforms to talk and engage with your target customers?

Facebook with its 2.167 billion active users. Instagram, maybe, with 800 million active users? What about Twitter with 330 million active users, or LinkedIn with 260 million active users? Well, you're probably there, too. But what if we inform you that there is another channel that is text-based with more users than Instagram and LinkedIn combined. And “It’s called WhatsApp.”

What do you need to do, then? Right now, it's time to start taking steps, create a huge following, and start interacting with your real fans before all other marketers around the world begin to determine they are missing out on this great opportunity and ruin it for everybody.

But first things first.

What’s WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an application that lets you send and receive messages to anyone you want for free.

Wait, though, can't I do that with iMessage, too?

Of course, if all your customers and friends only use iPhones, but that's not how the world works.

It was founded in 2009 by two ex-Yahoo workers who wanted to make free communication accessible to all. They were the very fastest firm even to 450 million active monthly users and eventually, ended up being acquainted by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion. That's about twenty times the price paid for Instagram by Facebook, and that's how relevant Facebook looked at the moment.

And it seems like the bet paid out is valid, WhatsApp has evolved ever more over the years, and now you can use it not only to send messages but also for:

  • Images
  • Voice Messages
  • Your Location
  • Videos
  • Stickers
  • Documents
  • Gifs (Our Favorite)

You can even use it to do voice and video calls. Before we begin, however, one side note:

If you want to commence efficiently communicate with your customers and leads utilizing WhatsApp, one of the most imperative things is these people should have saved your contact number.

With email marketing, there was a moment where you might only purchase an external database and send them a cold email. All now agree that it is frowned upon and not the right way to commence a relationship. However, WhatsApp is a lot more personal, so what do you think will happen if you begin sending unsolicited messages with WhatsApp?

Account Blocked Notification is likely to be the next message.

As a person, that is not something you want to risk, let alone a business. WhatsApp takes Email Marketing's permission one step higher; the clients and leads need to save the contact list number.

This level of contact with the clients is something that cannot be taken lightly. If you violate their privacy, you're doing it all wrong. As a result, to gather phone numbers and make them embrace you to reach them personally, you need to start getting creative.

Who is using WhatsApp?

Now that you've got everything out of the way, let's look at who's using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in several countries, where user penetration exceeds 50 percent. One of the reasons for that, of course, is that it has always been expensive to deliver text messages in nearly all countries except the US, and not part of carrier packages. When WhatsApp arrived, you just needed data to send messages; it became an absolute success.

So, as it appears, consumers like to connect, and it appears that Whatsapp has the power to become the medium for them. When you want to either represent a foreign audience or be ahead of the curve, this is the platform for you to begin thinking about seriously.

Using WhatsApp for Business App

If you're still here, It means that at least we've piqued your curiosity, and now you want to know what WhatsApp has to offer to your business. Downloading WhatsApp from the AppStore or Google Play Store will be the sensible thing to do now.

Before doing that, however, let's help you better set up your business on WhatsApp.

Suppose you are already using WhatsApp for personal use on your phone. There is no reason to include a second account on the same device (and you don't want to have your business added to your mobile number for scalability purposes).

What to do, then? You acquired a second sim card in the past, had a spare cell, and set up an account like that. However, a new application called WA Business (WhatsApp for Business) was released by WhatsApp at the beginning of 2018.

Businesses can communicate easily with their customers by using a program to automate, sort, and react rapidly to messages; some of the benefits over the "standard" consumer version of the Whatsapp:-

  • Business Profiles- you can build a business profile using helpful info for your customers such as your location, business overview, email address, and website.
  • Fast Replies- you can save and repeat the message you often need to deliver by using quick replies. This way, in no time, you can quickly answer the most asked questions.
  • Automatic messages- Automatic messages can be set, much like chatbots. We realize that even though your clients are around the world, you often need some sleep; even while you're at a conference, it may also be hard to respond. On the other side, the clients and representatives demand a response straight away. You may do that with automated messages or even create a welcoming message to attract prospective customers to your ride.
  • Message Statistics- Get insights into essential aspects, such as how many of your messages have been received, processed, and read successfully.
  • Labels- Make it easier for you to organize your contacts or chats with labels so that you can locate them more quickly.

And the last killer feature is that you can now use your landline number to build an account if you have a landline phone—all in All Good reasons to use WA Business over a regular account.

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