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WhatsApp Marketing: Innovative Strategies Using WhatsApp for Your Business

(Part 01)

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Are you familiar with WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a messaging app specifically for business owners. In 2018, WhatsApp released the application and got the enthusiasm of the WhatsApp users.

The existence of WhatsApp Business can be an alternative to business-specific chat applications that are very useful for business owners, especially online business people. This application helps many potential buyers to communicate with sellers. They can ask questions before actually buying an item.

WhatsApp Business is also the right choice to use. Because in Malaysia, many people already use WhatsApp. So, business owners don't need to ask prospective buyers to install WhatsApp only to communicate.

  • What is the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger? 
  • What are the benefits of WhatsApp Business,
  • How do you create one?

This article will thoroughly discuss how you can utilize WhatsApp Business as a new way to reach your customer.

In this first WhatsApp Marketing Series, you’ll learn the following:

  1. What is WhatsApp Business?
  2. How to Create a WhatsApp Business Account?
  3. Eight WhatsApp Business Special Features
First thing first, let's find out more about WhatsApp Business and its unique features.

1. What is a WhatsApp Business?

Designed for business

WhatsApp Business is an application specially designed for business owners that can be downloaded for free. WhatsApp Business is specifically created for small business owners, such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Easier for you to communicate with customers

WhatsApp Business releases features that will make it easier for you to communicate with customers. You can reply to messages automatically, sort messages, and answer customer questions quickly.

Android and iOS

Besides, you can download WhatsApp Business on the Android and iOS operating systems. Since first launched, Malaysia can be proud of being the first Asian country to use this application. Then followed by other countries such as Italy, Mexico, Great Britain, and the United States.

2. How to Create a WhatsApp Business Account?

Before knowing more fully the features and benefits of WhatsApp Business, we will first show you how to create WhatsApp Business. Here's how to create a WhatsApp Business Account:

Step 1. Download WhatsApp Business App

You need to download the WhatsApp Business app on the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Step 2. Enter the phone number

After the WhatsApp Business application is installed, you must register using your mobile number.

If you use a unique business phone number for your WhatsApp Business Account, it is easier to apply for the verification process. Besides, a unique number prevents your personal and business activities from being mixed up.

Step 3. Complete your business profile

The next process that should not be missed is to complete your business profile. To do this, click the Settings menu> Business Settings> Profile. Ensure the information you enter is accurate and matches your business details, such as your business name, address, contact details, category, email, and website.

Step 4. Set up automatic message reply menu

You need to set up and write a reply message for the auto-reply message feature. This feature will make it easier for you to reply to customer messages outside of working hours. The steps for setting up an automatic message reply are:

Click Settings> Business Settings> select the option Away Message / Greeting Message / Quick Replies.

Then you can set the auto-reply message content. You can also set the time the message is sent, either at any time or at a specific time.

3. Eight WhatsApp Business Special Features

Although both are the same Messaging App, WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business are not the same.

The features in Whatsapp Business are devoted to making it easier to interact with many customers.

There are several WhatsApp Business features that you will not find on WhatsApp Messenger for personal use.

Feature 1. User Account Name

The technical thing that distinguishes WhatsApp Business from WhatsApp Messenger is the setting to change the account name.

On WhatsApp Messenger (personal), you can change your Account Name at any time. You can even enter any emoji or character on your WhatsApp messenger account name.

However, there are several conditions for creating an official business account name that must be obeyed on WhatsApp Business. These provisions include the following.

You may not write official business account names in capital letters. Except for acronyms and only the first letter of a word can be capitalized.

The following is an example of writing a correct and incorrect business account name:

Correct: Kynd Vegetarian Restaurant


  • * There must be no extra spaces between words. If your business name consists of two words, the word separator is just space.
  • * Don't add punctuation.
  • * Not using any emojis, symbols, and special characters (~! @ # $% ^^ & * () _ + :; {} [] /? '”,. <>)
  • * It does not add non-alphanumeric characters (characters that are not numbers or letters).
  • * Writes the WhatsApp branding correctly. Not whatsApp, whats app, or anything similar.

Additionally, your business name must not consist only of:

  • The person's full name
  • General terms (example: Clothing)
  • General geographic location (example: Kuala Lumpur)
  • Less than three characters
  • These steps must be followed for your business account to be registered as an "official business account." If you change your business name, you may lose your "Official business account" status.

So first thing, make sure the name of your business account that you are going to create!

Feature 2. Profile

A profile on WhatsApp Business contains your business information. Starting from the name, address, business category, description, email, and website. The information menu is not available on the WhatsApp Messenger Profile.

Customers can easily see this information when they visit your business profile.

The procedure for editing your business profile is also effortless. Here's how to edit your business profile.

  • Open WhatsApp Business > 
  • Click More Options or > Settings > 
  • Your business name >
  • Click Edit >
  • Tap any field to update > 
  • Click Save.

On a business account profile, you can also add Facebook and Instagram pages. The trick is to include the URL in one of the website forms or columns.

Feature 3. Automatic messages

WhatsApp Business provides three automatic reply features that are not available on WhatsApp Messenger. The three features are as follows.

Away message: is an automatic message reply feature when there is an incoming message from a customer outside working hours or when the business is not operating. You can create the body of automatic message replies according to your preferences.

Greeting Message: is an automatic message reply feature that you can send when a customer first contacts you.


Quick Replies: When a message comes in, you only need to type the symbol "/" then the quick replies that have been made will appear. It's very time-saving.

Feature 4. Catalog

WhatsApp Business brings a catalogue feature to display products in your WhatsApp Business profile. This feature serves as a product storefront that can be seen by consumers when viewing your profile.

In the catalog, consumers not only see product photos but also see detailed product descriptions and prices.

How to use the WhatsApp Business Catalog feature is to:

  • Open the Settings menu > 
  • Business Settings > 
  • Catalog.

Then you need to add a photo, description, description, and price of the product. You can also add links related to these products. For example, you can link to your online shop. This catalog feature can display product photos of up to 500 photos.

Feature 5. Message Statistics

In WhatsApp Business, you can review the statistics of messages sent, received, and read. This feature helps you to review which messages were useful.

To check your statistics

  • Open WhatsApp Business > 
  • Click the Menu Button > 
  • Business Settings > 
  • Statistics

Feature 6. Business Category

In the profile column on WhatsApp Business, there is a Business Category menu. You can select the appropriate business category via the dropdown list that has been registered. However, if your business category is not in the business category list, you can have the "others" menu.

Business Category can make it easier for customers to find out what business you are running. Of course, you won't find this feature on WhatsApp Messenger.

Feature 7. Label

The label feature is a feature of grouping chats based on specific criteria. The grouping of messages contained on WhatsApp Business, among others, prospects, new messages, waiting for payment, and messages are completed. You can remove or add these labels to your liking.

With this feature, you can distinguish which chats have not or have made payments. You can also follow up with customers who have not made a payment.
The following is the procedure for operating the Label feature.
Applying Label

  • Tap and hold the chat > 
  • Select Label > 
  • You can apply an existing label or add a new label to the chat.

Finding Labeled Content

To find content labeled

  • Open the Chat screen > 
  • Click the menu button > 
  • Labels > 
  • Click a label that you want to see.

Manage Labels

To manage labels

  • Go to the Chat screen > 
  • Click the Menu Button > 
  • Labels. 

In this menu, you can make several settings such as

Edit or remove labels

Add color to labels to make it easier to distinguish. Create broadcast messages that can be sent to multiple subscribers with a specific label.
Feature 8. Checkmark Business Account

WhatsApp Business will verify business accounts via the registered telephone number. WhatsApp Business will give a green checkmark on verified accounts.
If your account is verified as an official business account, your customers will see a green checkmark on their profile or next to the chat title. Also, you'll see your business name even if the customer hasn't saved your contacts.
With this feature, your business looks more credible and professional.

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