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Top WhatsApp Marketing Tips & Strategies of 2020

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WhatsApp Business has become a platform for today’s many businesses' success. Whether it is a startup, if it is a local company, technical services, medical institutions, or even the government, the platform helps you to connect with your customers directly and quickly.


If you want to make the most out of your WhatsApp marketing strategy, it’s important to know some great tips and strategies to do marketing. Luckily, you’re in the right place for that. Read on to learn some handy WhatsApp marketing tips and strategies that can help you thrive your business.




Make sure that your photo of the WhatsApp profile is either your business logo or your company-related image. According to the recent survey in MEA, most people check profile pictures and status messages more frequently than check actual messages, and if your picture and status is unique and dynamic, it is always easy to get the audience’s attention.


You can add details, such as an address, which you can directly display on Google Maps under the business category and business hours when you are a WhatsApp Business user. You may also add an email address as well as URLs of your business website.


2. Status

Ensure that the organization and its mission is remembered by updating your status with the related quotations, advertisements, activities, promotions, and even videos shared on other social media sites. Make it short, funky, and appealing for the viewer to share with their contacts.


3. Capitalize on the Cross-Platform Advantage

If an app is cross-platform, it hits social networking networks (and people), which are not presently in your social media wheelhouse. All of that is wonderful news! The traffic analytics that provides you insight into which networks are famous within your target audience is even better.


Whatsapp traffic analytics from several third-party sources are available widely, possibly because they were developed using open source tools from an early age. This provides information that can assist you in adapting your social media strategy and goals to the desired target audience.


4. Create Broadcast Lists

Create lists related to particular topics and then connect one-way, just like on Twitter, to improve interactions. Include your posts, for example, links or invitations.


5. Take Advantage of Group Chat


Group messages, including answers from any member of the group, are exchanged among each group member. Think "interactive”. It is especially handy when conducting focus groups. Or conducting market studies before a product launch.


6. Enjoy Cost-Free Messaging

You can exchange messages at no SMS cost with WhatsApp. They are available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia. You can give each other a post, as WhatsApp Messenger uses the same Internet data plan for email and web surfing.


Users may create communities, and send unlimited images, video and audio media messages to each other for added value. This easy advantage has great advantages for consumers and advertisers alike. WhatsApp will potentially smash international boundaries if you want to meet an international audience.


7. Take Customer Support to a New Level

Though WhatsApp is built for mobile devices, it's desktop compatible. You can use it for efficient customer service for other desktop applications — your customers can contact you directly and get immediate responses. The method is unprecedented but very simple. Just visit the web app site and check your computer for the QR code scan and you are done!


8. Build User Loyalty

In WhatsApp, the group lists show more brand-loyalty collectively than other social media groups. Branded personas likewise tend to have a strong relationship with their supporters or followers. This is supported by the aforementioned methods, such as broadcast lists.


9. Engage Directly with Phone Calls

You can make sales calls using WhatsApp through its own built-in VOIP version. Thus, if you get a customer request — as if someone asks for details or wants to speak with a salesperson— WhatsApp lets you respond immediately.


10. Focus on Quality Content, Even in a Message App

Since the primary aim of WhatsApp is chatting, make your messages powerful and short. But don't think about it too much. You can submit both curated and original content, as with your other social media. Bear in mind, the general theory on content should apply, but the style is different from Facebook. That includes ratios of curated versus content generated.


11. Promotional Message with Website Link

It's a piece of cake to create a website, but attracting guests is always as challenging as learning how to make a cake. Business owners, however, accepted that the hits on a webpage were increased by short WhatsApp messages with the website link. As human will be intrigued to tap on something incomplete to obtain complete knowledge about the message because of the inquisitive humankind nature.


12. Be mysterious and keep them curious

Users and customers are always looking for fun and excitement and what's better if you can feed this. Develop teasers, leave them guessing, and chat about an upcoming campaign. An audience needs you to have something more with a video of a flash mob on a mall or in your company blog, pranks, surprise interviews with regular people, which eventually lead exactly to the campaign.


That’s it: 12 Tips & Strategies for WhatsApp Marketing


Naturally, you need to be strategic as in all marketing platforms. Understand how the platform performs and what people expect before you commence. When you have a clear understanding of how it works, these best practices can be used to help you thrive and eliminate the most common mistakes.

Give an attempt to boost your business through WhatsApp. After all, WhatsApp Marketing has worked for many businesses out there, so it would definitely work for you as well!!

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