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Successful WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Examples

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WhatsApp has over 2 billion users and high open rates, so you have to know how to utilize it to its fullest to derive all the benefits.

WhatsApp is a social networking community where users spend most of their time. More than 85 billion hours of usage have been recorded worldwide. Not knowing how to benefit from such a staggering statistic is an absolute waste of technology and an existing untapped platform. Yet, huge brands have been doing it effectively for quite a while. If you look at these examples of WhatsApp campaigns below, you will know how to incorporate its reach into your business.

1. The Netflix WhatsApp Engagement Mission/Campaign

Have you binged the German thriller show "Dark" recently on Netflix? Were you aware that its latest and concluding season came out this June? You may message your companions to know what's going on out there with a solid five seasons and 20 episodes in each season. Netflix wanted to spare you that inconvenience.

As you can envision, the campaign's overall idea was to reconnect WhatsApp users who have been dormant for quite a while. Netflix began testing this campaign in India in 2017, and it seems to have turned out well in the United Kingdom since subsequent years.

Everything begins from notifications that show up when you are streaming in the application. For this to work, you had to have a premium account registered on the same number that you use WhatsApp with. On the off chance that you have, if you don't mind, give us a yell.

When you've done this, Netflix will begin sending you recommendations once again on WhatsApp. Netflix isn't merely spamming your WhatsApp with periodic messages or film recommendations that you're not interested in; they have an idea how to play the game. They'll utilize a similar suggestion engine they've just made to serve you the content you appreciate.

2. Absolute Vodka Launch Party Campaign

One of WhatsApp's most successful examples of overcoming adversity originated from the Swedish alcohol companies Absolut Vodka. When promoting the launch of its Absolut Unique vodka in 2013, Absolut battled with driving worldwide audiences and was firmly rivaling other alcohol companies that had a lot more long years of history supporting them.

Dissimilar to numerous other alcoholic drink companies, Absolut didn't account for the long-running accomplishments behind its image at that time. While some alcohol companies could advertise that they had been using the same recipe for centuries, Absolut was merely established in 1979.

Rather than designing a story that addressed audiences, everything being equal, Absolut chose to use WhatsApp's messaging system to win believability and mindfulness from young audiences worldwide.

To mark the Argentinian launch of Absolut Unique, the beverage company proposed a challenge where you could win two passes to the launch party of the new product in Argentina. To win the tickets, you needed to go on WhatsApp and message the account of a doorman named Sven to persuade him why you must attend the launch party.

Even though Absolut is presently a giant, notable company, this is an extraordinary case of how the brand perceived and utilized WhatsApp as a stage that could help boost brand awareness and sales in an entirely different part of the world.

3. Hellmann's: "WhatsCook"

In 2014, Hellmann's, a U.S. based Mayonnaise company, needed to reach crowds in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay. To do this, they employed a group of expert chefs to assist them with a WhatsApp campaign.

As per Cubo, an office that helped with this campaign, 13,000 people pursued the service, and the average member interaction with a chef was for about 65 minutes.

With the "WhatsCook" campaign, Hellmann's utilized industry specialists as an approach to get in contact with their fans. The company realized that people who purchased its mayo needed to use it. However, they additionally realized that people probably wouldn't know numerous mayonnaise recipes. With this methodology, the brand drew in people who love to cook and scheduled their interaction with a chef who further explained the utility of the product in various manners.

4. YOOX personified Shopping using WhatsApp

WhatsApp has unexplored and boundless promoting alternatives for business, which implies you don't need to run a typical campaign. Rather than conducting an ordinary campaign like the masses, YOOX offered elite services for its Extremely Important People (EIPs).

YOOX witnessed that their personal shopping team was regularly utilizing their private Whatsapp account to handle sales with customers. Besides, clients thought it was substantially more convenient to correspond through WhatsApp than login to the YOOX application to get item recommendations. Therefore, they started completing their transactions through the platform.

Here is how YOOX accomplished their sales campaign. YOOX group utilized WhatsApp to interface everything fundamental for the client experience. People from the personal shopping team spoke with their customers, and customers affirmed purchases straightforwardly through WhatsApp. Notifications about the delivery period were supplied, making WhatsApp a one-stop-shop window for clients.

To ensure that it was successful, YOOX sales members announced that they were even ready to sell an item priced as high as €80,000 over WhatsApp!!!

5. Pringles Whatsapp Campaign
The Pringles campaign by WhatsApp is another worth mentioning campaign. It was in 2013 that the "Campus Pringles" challenge was launched. Customers needed to send creative messages using emojis offered by the application. Each time Mr. Pringles got messages, the challenge was defeated in the profile of every client who contended. They needed to beat five challenges to graduate. They needed to get a specific number of clients to scan a QR code. After that, Mr. Pringles would give the contestants pieces of information by phone.

In this manner, he figured out how to get more than 300 thousand fans and arrived at an intended interest group that the company wanted to focus on primarily. The prize was that these brand representatives worked for a year with the company on a month to month compensation of 1,000 euros.


WhatsApp is each advertiser's fantasy with more than 2 billion users and a 98% open rate. However, not many companies have had the option to actualize fruitful marketing efforts on the world's most well-known messaging application.

It is almost certain you're feeling exhilarated to run your very own WhatsApp Campaign in the wake of understanding this.

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