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[NEW] Gmail Channel, Contacts Bulk Import, and many more improvements!

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Hello everyone, we just entered Q4 of 2020 and the team is still striving hard to build some more exciting features for all of you out there. To kickstart this quarter, we have completed some features that were highly requested so check it out below :

[NEW] Gmail Channel Integration

You didn't hear me wrong, we have finally integrated Gmail as a messaging channel on YesHello! It is one of the long-awaited features of all time and we took quite some time to plan this integration to make sure we do it right. We have released this feature in Beta version so that we can continue to improve the experience for all of you out there. Connect your Google account now and start receiving your emails in the platform. Watch the video at the top on how to connect Gmail!

Note: This feature is still currently in BETA release and undergoing verification by Google Cloud team. To connect this channel, please contact our support and we will help connect your Gmail account for you.

[NEW] Contacts Import to SMS, WhatsApp and Gmail channel

Oh yes, now you can add a single contact or import multiple contacts to channels that use phone number and email as the primary identifier. You can now initiate conversations with your contacts on the platform and in addition to that, you can also send a broadcast to new contacts too!

(Selected channels only)

Another bonus is you can also sync your contacts to the platform so that you can identify them quickly when they send you a message. Learn more by watching the video above and start importing contacts to your space!

[IMPROVED] File Uploader and Image Preview

Previously there were a few flaws with the existing file uploader and image preview, so we decided to upgrade this tool to meet all your file needs. We hope this upgrade will improve your experience with the platform.

and also some teeny weeny bugs that is not your concern. Cheers!

Here’s what to do next:

Check out our YesHello Digital Services for all things regarding automation and multi-channel chatbots.

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