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Beginner's Guide To WhatsApp Business

Learn how to use it and understand how it can help your business.

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Most people have heard about WhatsApp before. It is an amazing app that they can use to contact their friends and families. However, many professionals don't know that WhatsApp Business can help them get new customers. Below, you can read a guide on WhatsApp Business that includes everything you need to know.

WhatsApp Is The Leading Messaging App

WhatsApp is a free app that has over 1.6 billion users worldwide. It is also the leading messaging app in 109 countries. So, if you have a business in any niche, most of your customers use it.

Anyone can download the app on a smartphone. They can send messages and call other contacts from their phone. Users can also call people from other countries for free. The best part is that WhatsApp can use the internet to make these calls instead of your plan's voice minutes.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook that bought the company for 19 billion dollars in 2014. This investment is one sign of the value of the app and the number of people who use it daily.

Why Is WhatsApp Business Important Now?

A goal of every business is to figure out ways to reach their audience. They must go where they are and try to engage them. When it comes to the digital world, businesses must go to the right platforms.

If you can reach your audience on an app with 1.6 billion users, you will get an edge over your competitors. Simply, most businesses do not use WhatsApp yet. They will get into WhatsApp eventually, but you will be way ahead of them until that point.

Next, WhatsApp Business can be an important part of your sales funnel. You can use it to send traffic to your landing pages and then interact with potential customers. Of course, you can drive your potential customers to your WhatsApp Business account as well. You get free and paid traffic from Facebook and other sources.

Your team can learn how to use WhatsApp Business when they contact your leads and customers. It's one of the simplest ways to start conversations and engage your audience. They don't need to put much work to master this method.

The biggest part of these conversations is based on short messages. You and your team can use your smartphones to type quick answers. Facebook allows you to reply to your contacts and work on your WhatsApp Business account as well.

Difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

While the app's main uses are the same, WhatsApp Business has some extra features that can help marketers maximize their results.

Personal Profile: WhatsApp Business does not include personal profiles. It makes sense because businesses are organizations of many people. Personal profiles are not what your customers expect to see.

Description: WhatsApp description includes some basic contact details. You can get the name, image, status, and phone number. The extra information on WhatsApp Business includes an email, website, open and closed hours, and business category.

Verified Account: WhatsApp Business can verify the account of every business on the app. It makes sure that the users don't talk to a fake account but on your business.

Ads: Both options include ads that you can use to target potential customers. WhatsApp Business has an extra link from Facebook that allows users to send a message via WhatsApp. You can receive this message and reply to them from your WhatsApp Business.

Chat Labels: You can use labels only on WhatsApp Business to create categories for your contacts.

Quick Replies: If you have WhatsApp Business, you can create messages that you can save and send to your contacts when you want. It's an easy way to send messages fast when you must reply to many people in a short time.

Welcome and Goodbye Messages: They are automated messages that you can send to all your customers with WhatsApp Business.

Focus: WhatsApp focuses on messages between friends and family. WhatsApp Busines want to help small and medium businesses to reach their customers.

What Can You Do On WhatsApp Business?

You will get surprised by how many areas of your marketing will get improved. If you use WhatsApp Business daily, you will have the following benefits:

Personalize Your Brand: If you engage in conversations with your customers, you will be able to offer a personalized experience. It means that you will offer suggestions based on what they want. You can use a unique approach for each customer because of your interaction with them.

Stop Phone Calls: Many companies rely on phone calls to make sales and contact with customers. It is a method that can work, but it is a little frustrating for your customers. On the other hand, WhatsApp messages are welcome from everyone and have high rates of engagement.

Help People Contact Your Business: Your customers can send you messages and ask specific questions about anything they need to know. They can use your contact details to find your website, email, phone number, and learn when they can visit your store.

Find New Customers: You can use WhatsApp to reach more people on the internet. They can send messages when they see your ads or find your account. In both cases, you can reply after the first message and help them find the products or services they need.

Create A Sales Funnel: WhatsApp Business can become a big part of your sales funnel. It is a method to reach more people, as mentioned above, and turn them into customers. This is what most marketers expect from a sales funnel. The first part is to send traffic to your WhatsApp Business account. Then, you must help them, build trust, and suggest your products. The quick replies and the automated messages are part of your funnel as well.

How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Use WhatsApp For Their Businesses

Businesses must handle more contacts than individuals. When people talk to their friends and have fun, they don't need to hurry. Also, they talk to a few people at the same time. Businesses need to contact more people and must provide excellent customer service. They can't let their customers wait.

WhatsApp wanted to solve this problem, so it has enabled their API. This feature allows companies to create chatbots. Many companies already use chatbots whether their customers can figure it out or not.

They can reply to most messages without a physical presence. Usually, they can answer easy questions and make simple suggestions. However, chatbots are enough to save you a lot of time and workload that you can put on other parts of your business.

How can you launch WhatsApp Ads on Facebook's Business Manager?

Facebook's Business manager allows sending traffic to a website, app, Messenger, and WhatsApp when you create a new campaign. You must select WhatsApp and then continue with the creation of the ad.

You need to have a fan page, and your WhatsApp number must be connected to it. Creating a fan page is an easy process that does not take over a few minutes. You need to fill in a few details and add some images.

When you create the fan page, you can continue with the ad. It needs a title, description, and an image or video. When completed, the ad's call to action will include a link that sends traffic to your WhatsApp Business. You can promote these ads on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to promote your WhatsApp Business for free, you can create a group or fan page and add your number on the call to action and contact details. Then, you can publish content to get organic traffic from Facebook.

Why Is WhatsApp Business Key For Your Business?

WhatsApp Business is the next big thing in online marketing, especially now during these challenging times where competition online is at it's peak. WhatsApp has a huge audience active every day on the app, and most businesses have not taken advantage of the app. At the same time, Facebook has invested a lot of money and try new ideas to improve the user experience.

If you start using it today, you will add an extra way to get new customers. You can also help them by replying to their emails and starting conversations.

We expect to see more features in the near future. Many of these features are tested and include additional ways to promote your products. They use new ad formats and more messaging options. Chatbots can also go to the next level and automate most of your marketing. But the best part is that they plan to accept payments on WhatsApp directly.

It is the right time to get on WhatsApp Business. The fact that many marketers and companies are not using it yet is a good thing for you because there is not much competition. People that get in new opportunities first get the most benefits.


WhatsApp Business is already an important app for businesses that want to get new customers. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn how to use it and why it can help your brand.

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